Cemetery History

Newport Cemetery Association History 1863 – 1956
This Association was organized in 1863 as a profit Organization. Due to mis-management over the following years, the stockholders in 1908 applied to the Court of Perry County for an amended Charter, changing the Association into a non-profit Organization, which was granted. The following year the By-laws were amended to conform to the new Charter. At this time an Endowment Fund was created, the income to be used for the perpetual care of individual lots.

During the ensuing years the Association greatly increased the Endowment Fund and the General Fund, the assets being invested in numerous bonds. As a result of the depression of 1930, many of these bonds were greatly depreciated and by action of the Trustees, the remaining assets of the General Fund were transferred to the Endowment Fund and each yearly surplus in the General Fund was to be credited to the Endowment Fund until such losses were fully recovered. This was finally accomplished in 1957 and the Trustees then entered into an agreement with the Harrisburg Trust Company to manage the Endowment Fund, which at this time amounted to over $60,000.

During these years the following actions were taken by the Board of Trustees:

  • Feb 11, 1941 – No lots shall be sold without perpetual care.
  • Feb 11, 1947 – Individual upkeep by lot owners prohibited. Owners of lots not endowed shall pay a yearly sum to Association for the mowing and upkeep of such lots.
  • Sept 17, 1952 – Perpetual care on Cemetery lots increased from $75.00 to $100.00. Lot care shall be $5.00 a year for an eight grave lot.
  • Feb 11, 1950 – Due to the increasing need for burial plots, the Trustees voted to set aside part of the tenant farm for a Memorial Park section and also repair certain roads. The total cost was $12,000, which was borrowed from the local banks.
  • June 1956 – Trustees voted to sell balance of farm for $5,500, the proceeds to be used to reduce bank loan.
  • Care Taker House – Major improvements and repairs were necessary in 1956-1958 amounting to $5,915 which was borrowed from bank. Total repairs and improvements from 1952-1961 amounted to $7,078.


Newport Cemetery Association
Condensed Report of the History and Operation from 1863 to 1956
The Newport Cemetery Association was organized in 1862 by thirty young men of Newport participating as stockholders. On application, a charter was granted the Association by the Judge of Perry County court on April 9, 1863. On March 31, 1863, two tracts of land containing three acres were purchased from Henry L. Smith, this plot being west of Newport on the Middle Ridge Road. By 1877, dis-satisfaction among the stockholders over the management of their affairs by the Secretary, George W. Campbell, resulted in his ouster from the office at the annual meeting held in January 1888. John Fleisher was then elected Secretary.

The Association prospered and purchased additional land for burial lots until by 1903 then owned eighty-six acres at a total cost of $4,793.00. During this (time) eleven stockholders sold their eleven shares back to the Association and these shares were retired.

The Secretary, John Fleisher having died, the stockholders elected Frank Zinn, who was not a stockholder, Secretary of the Association. At the annual meeting in January 1906, the Association discovered that the Secretary had fraudulently issued eleven shares of stock in the name of Campbell and Minnich. Subsequently these shares plus four original shares purchased by the above parties were purchased by the Association and destroyed. The Association now had fifteen shares of stock outstanding, the owners being: The Bosserman Family, five shares; the Fleisher Family, five shares, and one each to the following – A.W.Kough, D.W.Gantt, S.J.Smith, J.H.Irwin, and H.O.Orris. The Officers being – J.H.Irwin, President, C.O.Bosserman, V. Pres., J.E.Fleisher, Secretary and Geo. Fleisher, Treasurer.

At the annual meeting Jan 13, 1908 the Treasurer reported the following assets of the Association: Cash on hand $240.95 and notes on hand $699.00. On October 3, 1908, at a special meeting, a new Charter was voted upon and passed unanimously, changing the Association from a profit to a NON-profit Corporation, subject to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. This amended Charter was approved by the Court of Common Pleas of Perry County on November 30, 1908. At the above special meeting, new by-laws were adopted submitted to conform with the amended Charter. At an adjourned meeting, February 6, 1909, new by-laws were unanimously adopted by the Association. D.W.Gantt was appointed to solicit for an Endowment Fund and was named Trustee Custodian of such fund. At the annual meeting January 10, 1910, Trustee Gantt reported a total of $305.00 received for the endowment fund.

January 14, 1918, annual meeting of the stockholders was held with three members present – D.W.Gantt, A.W.Kough and J.E.Fleisher. During the preceding year the President J.H.Irwin and the Treasurer George Fleisher had died. The Secretary reported the Treasurers account showed $1886.41 cash in bank and $1000.00 invested in City of Chambersburg bonds. D.W.Gantt, Custodian, reported the Endowment Funds as $1510.00. $1500.00 of which was invested in City of Chambersburg bonds yielding 4½ %. D.W.Gantt was elected President, C.O.Bosserman Vice President and J.E.Fleisher Secretary and Treasurer. Endowment of lots was increased to $40.00 by vote of Trustees and be submitted for action by stockholders at next annual meeting.

February 1, 1919, at annual meeting of the stockholders, Section 31 of By-laws was amended, increasing endowment of lots to $50,00, said fund accumulation to be invested SAFELY.

*January 12, 1925 annual meeting, D.W.Gantt, President, C.O Bosserman, Vice President; J.E.Fleisher Secretary, Treasurer. Resolution offered to be voted upon a the next annual meeting – Resolved that the present stockholder, eight in number holding fourteen shares of the stock of the Newport Cemetery Association ny held by them and that the Secretary is hereby authorized and directed to issue to each of the present stockholders in exchange for their old stock one share of new stock. Also to issue seven additional shares of stock to seven persons selected by the present stockholders. (During the year the Secretary illegally issued one share of stock to Eleanor F.Shutter)
January 17, 1928 annual meeting. President D.W.Gantt died in 1926, his successor W.R.Bosserman died in 1927. A.W.Keogh was elected President at this meeting. The Secretary reported the endowment fund $11,314.00 and the general fund $6,127.00. $11,500.00 of the total funds being invested in foreign bonds. P.R.Bosserman, present by proxy of the estate of W.R.Bosserman formally accused the Secretary J.E.Fleisher of fraudulent issue of one share of stock to Eleanor F.Shutter, illegally investing Association funds in foreign bonds without consent of the Trustees and other irregularities.

January 15, 1929 annual meeting. A.W.Kough President, C.O.Bosserman, Vice President, C.F.D’Olier was elected Trustee and Secretary. G.H.Frank was elected Treasurer. Endowment Fund $13,221.00. General Fund $7,433.00.

October 29, 1929. A special meeting was called to discuss the investments of the Association and on motion J.E.Smith and G.H.Frank were appointed to dispose of all bad investments and invest the proceeds in good securities.

1929-1945 – Due to the depletion of the Endowment Fund caused by unwise investments, the Trustees transferred all assets of the General Fund to the Endowment Fund and voted to turn over to the Endowment Fund all monies received from lot sales, less operating expenses, until such time that the Endowment Fund be fully recovered. At the annual meeting in 1939, the Secretary reported a total of 1325 lots had been sold since 1863. Of these 699 lots were in perpetual care. In 1941 perpetual care was increased to $75.00 per lot.

February 14, 1940 – The Trustees voted to open the Memorial Park section and authorized a loan of $12,000 for this purpose and to repair some of the roads.

March 9, 1951 – At a special meeting of Trustees and Stockholders, a motion was unanimously passed that all fifteen shares of stock outstanding under the original articles of the Association and amendments thereto, be returned to the Secretary for cancellation. Deeming this method of controlling the affairs of the Association obsolete, the stockholders prepared a petition to the Court of Common Pleas of Perry County to permit the adoption of amendments and additions to the Association’s Charter of Articles of Incorporation, pertaining to Articles three and four. These amendments were approved by the Court. Vis: the amount of the Capital Stock of the Corporation shall be Nine dollars, divided into nine shares of stock. One share to be given to each present Trustee and the balance to be given to future elected Trustees. No interest or income shall accrue to any owner of such stock held.

February 14, 1952 – Re-organization and election of Trustees. Rev. C.O.Bosserman, President; A.L.Gelnett, Vice Pres; W.B.Hoke, Secretary; C.E.Bosserman, C.F.D’Olier, Frank Brandt, Treasurer; David Myers, Alan Wolf Trustees. At a special meeting September 17, 1952, Bennie F.Carl was elected a Trustee.

January 17, 1956- The President, Rev. C.O.Bosserman and Trustee for over sixty years having died March 31, 1955 and the Vice President A.L.Gelnett having died in January 1956, the following Officers and Trustees were elected; C.E.Bosserman, President; D.M. Myers, Vice President; Frank Brandt, Treasurer; W.B.Hoke Secretary; C.F.D’Olier, Alan Wolf, Bennie Carl and Herbert Flickinger Jr., and at a special meeting in June, Frank W.Mitchell was elected a Trustee, making the membership a total of nine Trustees.

September 17, 1952 – Perpetual care of lots increased to $100.00 and yearly lot care increased to $5.00 per eight grave lots.

January 17, 1956 – Grave opening charges increased to $40.00, Saturday and Sunday charges extra.


Real Estate Purchases
Newport Cemetery Association
March 1, 1863: Deed No. One containing two tracts of land of three acres and six perches purchased from Henry L.Smith for $284.00.

April 1, 1875: Deed No. Two. Third tract of land containing two acres and onehundred twenty-seven perches, east of first holding purchased from Henry L.Smith for $559.00.

April 15, 1891: Third Deed. Fourth tract of land containing one and one-fourth acres, along highway and east of other holdings from Henry L.Smith for $150.00.

May 5, 1894: Fourth Deed, Fifth tract of land containing ten acres and 78 perches along highway west of other holdings from John M.Smith Heirs for $1550.00.
March 21, 1903: Fifth Deed. Sixth tract of land, the Roper farm, formerly Henry L.Smith, at the east end and south of other holdings containing approximately seventy acres for $2,250.00.

August 14, 1912: Sixth Deed. Seventh tract of land along highway east of other holdings from Geo. Taylor Heirs containing six acres of woodland for $305.00

May 12, 1943: Seventh Deed. Eights tract of land, known as Jack Pine Hill and overlooking Perry County Country Club containing approximately two and one-half acres from Perry Country Club,formerly part of Daniel Meyers farm for $200.00.
November 16, 1956: SOLG – That certain part of the Roper farm known in 1880 as the William Scott Dromgold tract with a two story brick house. Net price $5,191.45.